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Racing Car News Cover Art

Back in the day when an illustrator utilised paint, brushes, pencils - plus their own natural flair and talent - comes a small sample of Racing Car News covers.

Racing Car News was an Australian publication, hitting the stands on a monthly basis from the early 1960’s in its original tabloid newspaper style, and then through the late 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s in a magazine format.

When the magazine format was introduced, so was what was to become the trademark illustrated cover art.

Commercial illustrator Colin Anderson was by far the most prolific contributor of beautifully hand rendered illustrations. With remarkable accuracy, Colin was able to depict angles, situations and drama impossible to capture on film or contemporary television technology.

Although Racing Car News articles covered international events, the cover art was virtually the exclusive domain of domestic competition vehicles and drivers. That’s not to say international cars and drivers were ignored, heroes like Chris Amon - driving the stunning Ferrari 246T - and Alain Prost did feature on the cover of issues covering the Australian Grand Prix.

A complete collection of issues with Colin Anderson illustrated covers - perhaps numbering in the hundreds - would be a unique and visually flamboyant portal into the history of the sport.

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